2020 was a year like any other, and it being our first as a newly launched platform — was a complete roller coaster that we fortunately rode to more highs than lows.

What started off as a mere blueprint to reinvent ‘cooking at home’ turned into a community of home cooks, chefs, bloggers and cooking enthusiasts — something we are immensely proud about to have achieved in under 12 months.

And as we wrap this one heck of a year; here are some key highlights from our year in review.

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Straight Outta Munich!

We started with a bang with being accepted to the…

Oils are often one of the most essential and important ingredients of a dish. Oils carry flavour and are used for sauteing, frying, baking, and even roasting. There are several types of oils that are available in the market. The uses for the oils vary based on the smoke point of the oil. Smoke point is the temperature at which the oil begins to degrade. Here are some of the most popular oils that are available, as well as their pros and cons.

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1. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is agreed to be one of the healthiest options of oil available in the market…

Increasing immunity has become the biggest focus of personal healthcare in recent times. Almost every product on the block currently is either promising to increase immunity or is claiming to strengthen the immune system.

Given the Coronavirus pandemic, this comes as no surprise and several individuals have turned their attention towards improving health and wellness. The one aspect that has received wide coverage is boosting the immune system to prevent the development of infections or viruses. Varying from taking vitamin and zinc tablets to even drinking kombucha, several immune system boosting methods have been suggested. …

Has it ever happened to you that you know there is something you need to buy, but just can’t remember the item? Has it ever happened that you start cooking and you realise that you forgot to purchase one of the ingredients needed for the dish and you make a quick trip to the nearby kirana store?

The world is going digital, yet we have multiple habits that still demand a lot of our attention while they are actually repetitive and redundant. One such activity is ordering groceries every week. Grocery shopping, isn’t exactly as fun as shopping for clothes…

We love cooking, but we realise that sometimes the most basic things in the kitchen can be extremely tedious and time-consuming.

But the amount of time we end up spending in the kitchen resulted in coming up with some interesting hacks which makes life much simpler. Of course, some of these have been passed down from one generation to another (like any Indian Family) and some have been learnt by the various other cool bloggers from the internet.

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Regardless, we thought why not compile a list of 10 Hacks which you can use on an everyday basis; and if you…

As a country, we’ve always loved to share expert opinions, tips and gyaan especially about our food — and while the sharing of wisdom is great; most times it’s not backed by any kind of science or facts.

So, while we appreciate all the elders in ours & your families, ‘Mythbusters’ — our new series is an attempt to restore the right information about the food we consume to ensure we aren’t misguided in our adventures in the kitchen.

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Busting Myths About Vegetables

In the first post of the series, we take a look at busting 5 myths and folklores that revolve around our…

With over 5000 active users over the last 3 months, we’ve been monitoring usage and working with our early adopters to figure out features and use-cases that you need most to make Zelish a more complete platform.

One of the biggest things we learnt was that —

The way Indian Homes shopped for groceries and everyday items is best described as ‘Organised Chaos’

which means that even though most fractions of the people involved had some sense & say into what went into the purchase:

  1. It wasn’t all done together &
  2. It wasn’t the same people doing it every time…

What makes or breaks a startup is it’s people, it’s culture and it’s perspective. As much as you’d like to control it; we believe that the early employee’s and people involved are always the ones who shape the company’s culture in the long run — and we’re very excited with the inspiring young talent we are working with all around us.

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Experiences at Zelish

Recently, 3 of our extremely young interns — Harsh, Anurag & Aparna; became the FIRST EVER interns of Zelish to finish their tenure; and we couldn’t be prouder of them and their contribution. …

The days have gotten longer, temperature’s a little warmer and that’s the onset of an Indian Summer in all its glory. But as the days get hotter, staying hydrated gets all the more important — which we for most parts rely on water to help with.

But food also accounts for almost 20% of our water intake; and in fact is considered equally important while hydrating in the summers because it replenishes the various micro-nutrients we lost while sweating and other physical activity.

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Stay Hydrated With Zelish

So here is a list of Ten Fruits & Veggies, that you could easily stock at home…

We turned 1 in May of 2020, and what a year it has been!

If you’ve been tracking Zelish or have heard about the product recently, you might have a fair sense of what we’ve been upto — but for the uninitiated Zelish is a platform that unifies the disjointed aspects of cooking a homemade meal — starting with meal-planning, grocery + pantry tracking and lastly, recipes to help you cook.

If you’d like to dive deeper into the product, simply tap on this link for a quick snapshot.

Why we exist? Because adulting made us realise that the concept…


Zelish is a Kitchen Management App that helps people run their kitchen effortlessly without the hassles of planning, shopping and cooking. https://www.zelish.in

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